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A healthier and fresher future

BAMA’s vision and values apply to the entire Group, irrespective of country, department or function. They underpin our relationships with our customers, suppliers, colleagues and partners. In this way, we all work towards the same goals and pull in the same direction. 

A healthier and fresher future

A healthier and fresher future

No. of full-time equivalents employed by the Group:
2,878 in total (of whom 978 are employed in non-Norwegian operations)


Our vision is supported by our core values:

Goal-oriented – We deliver growth, solutions, results and quality, and are trustworthy.

Responsible – We operate to a high level of integrity and are committed to ethical and responsible dealing, both externally and internally.

Inspiring – We inspire people to pursue a healthy lifestyle through engaging activities and communication.

Team-oriented – We work together to develop good solutions and create a good working environment.

Our business concept is to generate responsible, green growth by supplying fresh and healthy products based on partnerships along the entire supply chain.

We trade high-quality fresh products from producers across Norway and around the globe. This makes us a major global player, and gives us a corresponding responsibility for how we behave.