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From Field to Fork

Each year, over 500,000 tonnes of fresh produce pass through BAMA’s terminals and production facilities before being delivered to customers across the whole of Norway. An increasing percentage of this volume is Norwegian and local, while other items are imported from various locations worldwide. This is our company – in brief.

From Field to Fork

BAMA is a global player with a significant sphere of operations, both domestically and internationally. Each year, the company handles large volumes of fresh fruit and vegetables, berries, potatoes, beverages and flowers, supplied by a network of almost 1,300 producers in Norway and abroad.

Fruit and vegetables are perishable goods and their quality must be maintained at a high level regardless of the distance they must travel.

Efficient logistics solutions are crucial to ensure that fresh produce is delivered to customers and consumers as quickly as possible. The products are transported in an unbroken refrigerated chain – regardless of their point of origin. Shortening the time from field to fork is a constant ambition.

Over many years, BAMA has built up a wealth of expertise in the areas of procurement and logistics, and places great emphasis on developing and maintaining good relations with new and existing producers. In a world where challenging weather conditions make access to produce increasingly unstable, our supply chain partnerships are more important than ever before.