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A word from the CEO

BAMA generated an unprecedented NOK 23 billion in sales revenues in 2023 – and it did so in a year of drought, downpours and floods, which caused problems for several product groups in Norway and the rest of Europe. But these challenges did not stop BAMA’s employees, customers producers or suppliers from finding smart solutions and safeguarding deliveries. We will continue striving to achieve further growth and innovation, and to encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetables.

A word from the CEO

BAMA is among the world’s top ten fruit and vegetable companies. With years of experience and a robust supply chain, we are well equipped to handle challenges and changes as soon as they arise – both day to day and in the longer term.

The world is changing faster than ever before, so we must focus continuously on adapting and working in ever smarter ways. The team spirit in our supply chain is our strongest asset. Together, we are working hard for growth, innovation, sustainability and category development. BAMA has a fantastic starting point – we work with the products of the future. Fruit, vegetables, berries and potatoes are foods everyone should eat more of, for the sake of their own health and for the planet.

BAMA is made up of numerous businesses in Norway and abroad, which are working for a healthier and fresher future. Together, we will persuade more people to eat their 5-a-day, and hopefully more. Recent research has shown that 8-a-day is best. That target is some way off – surveys show that Norwegians manage to consume just 2.9 portions a day on average, which is far too little.

That is a trend we aim to reverse.

We will continue to contribute both knowledge and inspiration for how fruit and vegetables can quickly and easily become part of every meal – even when people are busy or on the go. Our ambition is for everyone to choose healthy food. That is why we supply fruit and vegetables at every price point. We work closely with suppliers in Norway and abroad, and strive for seamless seasonal transitions, high quality and correct volumes. We are also investing heavily in product and variety development to safeguard the breadth and depth of our range. Fruit and vegetables are among the healthiest and least expensive items you can eat. We are paving the way for innovation and development in conjunction with our customers, producers and suppliers, with the emphasis on food safety, freshness and sustainability.

Does an amazing job

To boost consumption, we must provide quick and easy solutions that fit a hectic lifestyle. This is where BAMA Industri does an amazing job from its modern facilities in Tranby. This is where freshly processed products like chopped salads, fruit and vegetables are developed and produced for supermarkets, convenience stores and the food services (HoReCa) market. Also located at Tranby is BAMA Blomster, which supplies high-quality, fresh flowers to supermarkets and convenience stores, so that customers can easily pick up a bouquet for their own enjoyment or as a welcome gift.

30 years with NFF

Good habits start as early as possible. We are therefore working on exciting content, marketing campaigns and sponsorship activities tailored specifically to different age groups. Our aim is to encourage everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle. And we can definitely compete with the best. Last year, together with the Norwegian Football Federation (NFF), we reached the finals of the European Sponsorship Association Awards (ESA Awards) in the category “Event of the Year”, with our “Drømmedøgn” (24 hours of football and fun). A hundred children were invited to participate in a day of football activities and a sleepover on the pitch at Ullevaal Stadium, Norway’s premier football ground, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of our partnership with NFF.

Haaland is playing for BAMA

And there will be more football to come, with both the NFF and Erling Haaland. In 2023, we signed a historic partnership deal – and the Norway and Manchester City superstar is now also playing for BAMA. With Haaland up front, we can reach out across the generations with our message of physical activity, healthy food and enough sleep.

New agreement with Garnerhallen

People worldwide prefer to eat locally produced food, and Norway is no exception. BAMA is working closely with the Norwegian agricultural cooperative Gartnerhallen and its highly skilled growers and producers, and has been heavily involved in Norway’s planned production for many years. In 2023, we renewed our partnership agreement for a further eight years. Together, we are working to boost sales volumes and revenues, and extend the Norwegian growing season even further.

Our excellent partnership with Gartnerhallen and our customers also resulted in a sales record for apples. After an exceptionally good apple harvest, sales hit a new record, with 6,200 tonnes of Norwegian apples being consumed. This included both familiar varieties and the newcomers Eden and Fryd.

When you are travelling or eating out, there is a good chance that you will find one or more of our products on your plate. BAMA Storkjøkken supplies fantastic service and high-quality produce to hotels, restaurants and cafeterias up and down the country. In 2023, the company was named “Supplier of the Year” by the hotel group Strawberry (formerly Choice Hotels).

"Smart Transport" won "Insight Award"

We have a lot to be proud of that we will take with us into the future. At the same time, our future success depends on a constant willingness to change and adapt. Digitalisation and new technology enable businesses to become more efficient and develop at a faster pace than ever before. But that requires a workforce with a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to learn. Such qualities are in no short supply at BAMA. The Data Science team’s new “Smart Transport” app, won the Norwegian Computer Society’s “Insight Award” in 2023. The app is a simple solution that generates substantial value for us and for our customers. Goods transport is an important aspect of our business, and the Smart Transport planning solution delivers cost savings, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and fresher products to retailers.

BAMA will continue its efforts to improve public health and supply the most sustainable products – all the way from field to fork.