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Health and lifestyle

BAMA is working to improve public health and for good habits to start as early as possible. We inspire children, teens and their parents to adopt a healthier lifestyle through extensive sponsorship activity, a presence on social media and various projects. The goal is to encourage more people to eat their 5-a-day or even more.

Health and lifestyle


Haaland fronted our biggest ever sponsorship year. Norway and Manchester City’s star striker became a BAMA Ambassador in September. 

For years, BAMA has been at the forefront of efforts to improve public health. To boost our efforts, we have enlisted the help of a footballing superstar. As they say in football, we were absolutely over the moon when BAMA X HAALAND became a reality. Norway and Manchester City’s star striker became a BAMA Ambassador in September 2023 and will play the key role in our marketing squad going forward.

The goal is to get Norwegian consumers to eat more fruit and vegetables. People in Norway eat 2.9 of the recommended 5-a-day, which is far too little. BAMA is working hard to reverse this trend. In addition to Erling Haaland, we have recruited Arsenal captain Martin Ødegaard, the biathletes Tarjei Bø and Ingrid Tandrevold, and the Nordic combined skiing ace Jarl Magnus Riiber.

Powered by Bendit

The first Haaland campaign was called “Powered by Bendit” and was launched in October. Together with national teammates Patrick Berg, Leo Skiri Østigård and Martin Ødegaard, he promoted the humble banana as a healthy and natural energy boost. The stars from Norway’s national football team were featured on Bendit’s smoothie bottles – energy for sports-mad youngsters with big dreams. There will be more Haaland and BAMA ahead – we can’t wait!

A big heart for many sports

BAMA’s heart beats for a great many sporting disciplines and the company has had an extensive sponsorship programme for many years. We help to stage youth football competitions and handball schools, as well as alpine, cross-country and biathlon skiing festivals for children and young people nationwide – with parents and other caregivers as enthusiastic spectators.

In 2023, 42 KIWI BAMA Cup competitions were held across Norway, with over 65,000 joyful participants. This is a fantastic arena for promoting the message of physical activity, healthy food and enough sleep.

BAMA at the IHF World Men’s Handball Championship

The football pitch is not the only place where things happen. Handball, too, is super-popular. We work with REMA 1000 at their handball events and in 2023 we had the opportunity to make our presence felt at the handball world championship in Trondheim, Norway. We had our own stand at the venue, offering a variety of activities for people of all ages, while spectators from many parts of the world could buy healthy snacks to eat during the matches.

Full-speed downhill and on ski trails

With BAMA on board, the world’s largest alpine skiing festival was staged in Ål in Hallingdal, Norway. Around 900 participants strapped on their skis and launched themselves down the slopes – to wild jubilation from the watching crowds.

But the alpine festival is not the only event that BAMA takes part in in the area. The BAMA Biathlon Festival is staged every year at Liatoppen. The festival is the world’s largest of its type, with over 1,000 participants aged 10–17.

All the events focus on a love of sport and a healthy lifestyle, and we partner with a variety of sports clubs across Norway, which is a real pleasure. We cheer on all our sporting partners and the important job they do!

Drømmedøgn: 24 hours of football and fun

Children stood firmly centre stage in this anniversary year, when we celebrated 30 years of partnership with the Norwegian Footballfederation (NFF). 

BAMA and the NFF have been working together to promote a love of sports and a healthy lifestyle for 30 years.

This partnership has focused both on the grassroots and the elite of Norwegian football.

The ”Eat Move Sleep Dream Day” was the jewel in the crown of our 30th anniversary celebrations.

Children from all over the country were given a fantastic experience focusing on football activities, enjoyment and healthy living.

From 23 to 24 June, 100 children occupied Norway’s premier football venue, Ullevaal Stadium, for a day of football and healthy food, opportunities to meet some sporting idols and a night spent under the stars on the pitch itself.

Martin Ødegaard and Ada Hegerberg appeared on screen and talked to the gang.

Former world champion Adrian Krogh showed how to master freestyle football skills, while women’s national team player Anja Sønstevold and “Player of the Year” in Italy’s Serie A, Emilie Haavi, also put in a personal appearance.

A thousand children from all across the country applied for a place.

Fifty of these were selected and they were each allowed to bring a friend for a day they will never forget.

Won the ESA’s "Event of the Year" awards

The European Sponsorship Association Awards are the most prestigious accolade any sponsor in Europe can win.

In 2023, together with the Norwegian Football Federation (NFF), we were nominated in the category “Event of the Year”.

We were up against massive brand names like Paris Saint-Germain FC, Blast.TV, UEFA and PwC.

The awards jury cited good, well-crafted storytelling relating to our case, which they highlighted as an important reason for our place in the final round.

In other words, BAMA has a sponsorship team that can compete with the very best in Europe. That’s something we are extremely proud of!



Job fruit: Meaningful breaktimes

For healthier workplaces!

The Job Fruit scheme is a nationwide concept established in 1996 to supply fruit baskets to businesses in Norway.

Around 70 local enterprises across the country employ people in need of work assistance.

BAMA is a proud partner!

More than 500 people are employed in the packing and distribution of Job Fruit baskets every week.

Many of these people have fallen out of the labour market and are in need of job training.

They are happy to have a meaningful job to go to and they help people nationwide to boost the amount of fruit and vegetables they eat during the working day.

This is a valuable initiative that will ensure that more people get closer to the 5-a-day target.

By subscribing to the Job Fruit scheme, companies enable their employees to take a refreshing, fruit-filled break during their working day, while also supporting valuable local jobs.

We are proud of the great people who carry out the packing and distribution!

Sports fruit

Boosting consumption of fruit and vegetables. 

BAMA offers all sports clubs affiliated with the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) a 50 per cent discount on fruit, vegetables, Bendit products and juice purchased from REMA 1000 or a retail outlet belonging to NorgesGruppen.

This is a great opportunity for the clubs to sell healthier products at their kiosks and events.

Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park

This popular park offers healthy food and exciting activities in partnership with BAMA.

There is a children’s play area at the centre of the site, with facilities including a climbing wall. Here the children can let rip and have fun, while their parents take a breather.

The “Drivhuset” eatery is located right nearby and serves freshly made, green dishes.

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