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Simple preparation and food on the go

There is a great deal of interest in local, healthy, plant-based food – often combined with ease of preparation or portability. BAMA Industri processes salads, potatoes, fruit and vegetables for a constantly expanding market. Making healthy, plant-based meals after a busy day should be quick and easy.

Simple preparation and food on the go

Two years at Tranby!

Two years ago BAMA Industry and BAMA Flowers moved in together at Tranby, and the new production facilities have fulfilled the objective.

Modern premises, built and equipped to double production capacity and facilitate innovation, growth and development. Well embedded in the new plant, the businesses started the year by continuing the process of continuous improvement in order to fully exploit all the opportunities they afford.

With BAMA Industri (processing) and BAMA Blomster (flowers) under one roof, their growth ambitions can be realised. Fruit and vegetables from the local area are transformed into fresh, ready-to-eat salads at the Tranby plant. Flower bouquets and arrangements destined for sale at supermarkets and convenience stores are created with great precision. Both companies had long grown out of their previous premises and needed more space and modern facilities to take the next steps forward. At Tranby, BAMA is working with customers to grow its product range through innovation and development, and provide consumers with a wide selection of high-quality fresh products.

An important aspect of the plant’s development in 2023 related to improving internal work processes. Skilled employees quickly mastered new ERP and MES solutions, which further boosted operational efficiency. An employee involvement exercise was also undertaken. Here employees came up with a raft of good improvement proposals, with those having the greatest potential being implemented. This kind of exercise is also carried out at the other production facilities.

The employees’ suggestions concerned day-to-day follow-up of specific initiatives for increased sales, improved operational and product quality, as well as HSE-related issues and ways to cut costs and the use of resources ranging from raw materials and packaging to energy, water and time. Attention has also been paid to creating a good workplace, in which the employees can thrive. This also had a positive impact in the past year.

Quick, easy and healthy

Fresh and healthy mealtime ingredients and snacks are product categories that are much in demand. In addition, people are increasingly focusing on health, sustainability and locally grown food. Given the hectic pace of modern life, preparing healthy meals needs to be quick and easy if we are to get people to eat more fruit and vegetables. BAMA’s processed foods business, BAMA Industri, produces a wide variety of salad products that are ready-cut and pre-washed, come in different sizes and can be served straight onto the plate. These products can make it easier for families, couples and singles to add an extra dash of green to their meals.

Local products

We want to use as much locally grown produce as possible. During the Norwegian growing season, which extends from May to October, 90 per cent of the raw materials processed at Tranby are grown locally. In a normal potato season, the potatoes processed at the facility in Moss are Norwegian-grown for nine to ten months of the year.

The BAMA facility in Lier makes ready-to-eat creamed, mashed and pureed vegetable products, which contain nothing but potatoes, vegetables, seasonings and a little butter for added taste. The Lier facility also delivers chopped fruit and a wide selection of products specifically for salad bars.

In Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø, Nordic Lunch produces freshly made sandwiches, wraps and baguettes, as well as a wide variety of ready-to-eat salad mains. These popular products are supplied to supermarkets and convenience stores across the country. Until last year, Nordic Lunch also had a facility in Trondheim, but production here has now been transferred to Oslo.

Fabulous, high-quality flowers

For sale at supermarkets, convenience stores and florists.

The flower business at Tranby is flourishing. Its modern facilities provide good working conditions for employees, while improvements in the flow of goods have increased productivity and reduced HSE-related issues.

Things have really taken off since three departments came together as one.

Relocation to Tranby has eliminated unnecessary intermediate transport, reduced carbon emissions and helped make the supply chain even more efficient.

Norwegians love to buy fresh blooms for themselves and their loved ones. BAMA’s flower business, BAMA Blomster, is making it even easier to add a splash of colour to the surroundings, since people can buy good quality, fresh flowers where they pick up their groceries. We buy direct from highly skilled growers in Norway and abroad, and have our own local production of bouquets. We aim to provide a wide selection of flower arrangements that meet the consumers’ needs and wishes through the year’s many seasons and special occasions.

🥪Substantial growth for Nordic Lunch🌯

Rise in sales for all product categories

Sales of ready-made sandwiches, wraps and baguettes continued to rise in 2023. Skilled employees produce fresh and tasty products that practically fly off the shelves at supermarkets, convenience stores and filling stations across Norway.

The rate of innovation in this category is high and there is a continuous focus on providing consumers with fresh and exciting alternatives.