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This is BAMA


This is BAMA

From field to fork

The flow of goods is BAMA’s lifeblood. Each year, more than 500,000 tonnes of fresh products pass through our terminals and production plants on their way to customers across Norway. Many products are Norwegian grown and local, while others are imported from virtually all corners of the world. This is our business, in a nutshell

BAMA is a global player with a significant sphere of operations, both domestically and internationally. The company currently has a network of more than 1,300 producers in Norway and abroad, and each year sells large volumes of fresh fruit, vegetables, berries, beverages and flowers. Fruit and vegetables are living products whose quality must be protected, regardless of the distances involved.

Well-thought-out logistics solutions are crucial if fresh and healthy products are to reach customers and consumers as quickly as possible. Reducing the time from field to fork is an ever-present aim in this context, and the products are refrigerated throughout transport – regardless of origin.

Over many years, BAMA has built up specialist expertise in purchasing and logistics, and gives priority to cultivating and nurturing good relations with new and existing producers. We work together to bring about further innovation and development in the supply chain. In a world where demanding climate conditions are destabilising the availability of goods, supply chain cooperation is more important than ever before.