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Health and lifestyle

More and more Norwegians are keen to eat healthy diets and keep fit. BAMA strives for better public health and the early establishment of good eating habits. Through our sponsorships, social media presence and various projects, we inspire children, young people and their parents to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Our goal is to get more people reaching the 5-a-day target.

Health and lifestyle

Love of sport live – finally!

2022 was the year in which cups, tournaments and festivals came back with a vengeance.

BAMA has been involved for a number of years in organising cup competitions for football and handball, as well as alpine, cross-country and biathlon festivals for children across Norway. Following several years of Covid restrictions, we were once more able to help children and young people access life-enhancing sporting experiences.

A total of 42 KIWI BAMA Cup competitions, involving more than 50,000 happy participants, were organised in 2022. This is a fantastic arena for getting the important message about Eat Move Sleep (EMS) across to children of all ages, as well as their parents and guardians. This concept was launched in partnership with the Norwegian Football Association in 2016, with the EAT Foundation on the team too. The goal is to encourage good habits with regard to exercise, getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet, starting as early as possible.

It is not just on the football pitch that things are happening. We are also working with REMA 1000

on their handball events. A number of cup competitions were organised in 2022, bringing action to sports halls all over Norway. The focus on 5-a-day, fruit and vegetables was very successful. So successful that REMA was nominated for the ‘Memorandum of Understanding Awards 2022’ in the ‘Healthier Marketing’ category by the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

Things are happening on the ski slopes too. The world’s largest alpine festival kicked off in Ål with BAMA on the team. After a two-year break, the 900 or so participants were finally able to strap on their skis and head off downhill. The three hosts from the popular children’s television news programme ‘Supernytt’, Selma Ibrahim, Salamatu Kamara and Tobias Rysstad, were also on the spot to do the ‘BlimE’ dance.

But the alpine festival is not the only winter sports event in which BAMA is involved, with the BAMA Biathlon Festival being held at Liatoppen every year. The festival is the largest of its kind in the world with more than 1,100 participants aged between 10 and 17. Eat Move Sleep ambassadors and biathlon gold medallists Tarjei Bø and Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold were there to bring some celebrity sparkle to the event and present prizes to all the participants.

All the events focus on a love of sport and a healthy lifestyle, and we partner with a variety of sports clubs across Norway, which is a real pleasure. We are cheering you on!

Jobbfrukt (workplace fruit)

The customers are back.

Founded in 1996, Jobbfrukt is a nationwide concept that supplies fruit baskets to business premises. Around 70 businesses across Norway employ people who need employment support, and BAMA is their partner. In 2020, owing to the pandemic and extensive home working, the market declined compared with the normal year of 2019. The customers came back in 2021, a trend that continued in 2022.

Jobbfrukt is an important arena for employment, and more than 500 people work in packing and distribution every single week. They are happy to be part of Jobbfrukt, and to be back at work following the pandemic. By subscribing to the Jobbfrukt scheme, customers can enjoy a refreshing fruit break during the working day, while supporting valuable local jobs.

Winner of SoMe award

A determined effort on the Eat Move Sleep social channels earned a SoMe award and lots of followers.

When cup competitions and other initiatives were cancelled during the pandemic, the dedicated sponsorship team simply rolled up their sleeves and continued their endeavours on TikTok and Instagram. The sponsorship team went all out in 2022 as well.

Their efforts were noticed and they won the ‘Best Use of SoMe in Activation’ category at the Sponsorship and Event Awards.

The aim of these social media accounts is to spread the Eat Move Sleep message about a healthy diet and getting enough exercise and sleep, so that children, young people and their parents establish good, healthy habits.


Full speed ahead on TikTok

Since its launch in 2020, the Eat Move Sleep account has moved in just one direction.

TikTok has taken the world by storm and become the favourite channel of children and young people. A whopping 73 per cent of Norwegian children between the ages of 9 and 18, many of them in Eat Move Sleep’s main target group, are on TikTok (Barn og Medier survey 2022).

The account aims to motivate people to adopt a healthier lifestyle with the emphasis on a healthy diet, exercise and getting enough sleep. It provides simple tips and tricks that anyone can follow. BAMA has hit the bullseye with invaluable help from sponsees such as Martin Ødegaard, Erling Braut Haaland, Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold, Tarjei Bø and Jarl Martin Riiber.

These sports stars get involved and share exciting snippets from their everyday life and training, much to the delight of fans and followers, who get to know a different side of them.

Idrettsfrukt (sports fruit)

Sales picked up in 2022.

BAMA offers all sports clubs belonging to the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) a 60 per cent discount on fruit, vegetables, Bendit products and juice purchased at REMA 1000 or any of Norgesgruppen’s retail outlets. After declining during the pandemic, sales rose again in 2022 as a result of training and match schedules getting back to normal.

Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park

The park was Eat Move Sleep’s first official non-sports partner.

Dyreparken_20200626_ daniel.schjott-1875.jpg

There is a children’s play area at the centre of the site, with facilities including a climbing wall. In 2022, this could finally be put to more use, much to the delight of young visitors. Anyone wanting to take a break can visit the ‘Drivhuset’ restaurant, which is located close by and serves fresh, plant-based dishes.

BAMA sponsored Vasaloppet

The world’s largest long-distance ski race celebrated its centenary in 2022 and BAMA continued its sponsorship.

BAMA first sponsored Vasaloppet in 2021 and it proved a great success. So we were delighted to be able to contribute in the race’s centenary year too. 

Since 1922, more than 1.6 million people have taken part in the 90 km race between Sälen and Mora in Sweden. Happily, the 2022 event took place without any pandemic-related restrictions. In the finish area, there were several BAMA marquees serving, among other things, ‘Tunnbrödrulle’, traditional Swedish wraps, produced by Sweden-based BAMA Nordic. The sponsorship agreement was a collaboration across national borders, which brought employees in the different countries closer together.