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BAMA Storkjøkken is going great guns and the company is very busy.

We lead the way in the marketing and distribution of fruit and vegetables to the hotel, restaurant and the catering (HoReCa) trade, as well as to the public sector and corporate market. We also offer a wide range of seafood and game.

BAMA Storkjøkken is going great guns and the company is very busy.

The company has a strong focus on innovation, working continuously to develop new markets and categories in order to cover an ever-broader spectrum of customers.

BAMA Storkjøkken and the Norwegian Chefs’ Association (NKL) have worked closely

for many years, in part to promote recruitment to the industry. This collaboration enables BAMA Storkjøkken to use some of Norway’s best chefs both in product development and various marketing concepts. BAMA Storkjøkken also supplies fruit, vegetables, game and seafood for the Norwegian Culinary Teams’ practice sessions

and competitions. In recent years, both junior and senior competitors have trained at the Norwegian Culinary Teams’ kitchen, located

at BAMA’s head office at Nyland Syd in Oslo. To ensure the best possible practice facilities, we have made several upgrades to the kitchen in recent years, with NKL contributing its knowledge and experience.

The BAMA Group is the main sponsor of the Norwegian Gastronomy Foundation, formerly Bocuse d’Or Norway. The Foundation’s activities promote the culinary profession, the leadership role in the profession and knowledge of artisanal foods. It is important that the Foundation and Norwegian chefs continue

the positive trend and help increase people’s love of food and interest in high-quality Norwegian ingredients. For BAMA, it is important to contribute to the profession’s visibility and reputation.

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BERGA – a food saver juice made from at least 80% BERGA (rescued) fruit and vegetables.

It is important for BAMA to cut food waste and we are working continuously to make reductions where we can. BERGA juice is produced in Norway by Epleblomsten at the Sauar Gard farm in Telemark. It has a shelf life of two years and can be stored at room temperature, but tastes best served cold.