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How to become a supplier for BAMA

BAMA is the market leader for Fruit and Vegetables in the Nordic Countries with a base in Norway and supply a full range of fresh fruit and vegetables including a full supply chain setup for our clients.

We are always eager to develop our value chain by connecting the leading suppliers all across the world. This portal is made in order to secure an efficient connection between potential suppliers and our head of the various product groups and services. For European providers, BAMA will through its set up transporters in most cases handle the transport from packing facility at origin to Norway. This portal may therefore also be used for potential transporters from European destinations to Norway.

We have standards for health and safety, human and labor rights, environment, quality management, business integrity, and corporate social responsibility, which you must meet.

To ensure a smooth and efficient process for everyone involved, we follow these four steps:

  • Assure that the service or products that you deliver are relevant for our business (see list of relevant products under by clicking “Click here to apply to become a supplier for BAMA”) as well for our current need. There will be services or products that we are more in the need to develop than others.
  • We will run through a self assessment or physical audit in order to secure that the potential supplier are compliant according to our guidelines. We have dedicated resources to perform these tasks.
  • A framework agreement with relevant attachments and instructions together with our Code of Conduct (see below) will need to be accepted and signed by the supplier, and BAMA representative
  • Start of commercial cooperations including price negotiations, agreement of programs or forecasts and the effect of actual orders and deliveries.

All growers must work in accordance with the Global GAP-standard and the principles of Integrated pest management (IPM).

All packhouses/suppliers of food stuffs must work in accordance with a GFSI-recognized standard and have a food safety management system based on the HACCP-principles.

All suppliers of BAMA need to commit to our Code of Conducts. Please review these below, in English or Spanish. For transport services the terms are also shown below «Transport of Goods, Imports».

Click here to apply to become a supplier for BAMA